Proposed patch to fix the modfied/deleted record conflict resolution in kpilot

Review Request #10 - Created Feb. 3, 2009 and submitted

Douglas Harms
This proposed patch fixes (I think) the following problem situation: a record that is in sync between the hh and pc is deleted on one device and modified on the other, then synced, and the modified version of the record is selected during conflict resolution.  The mapping is left in an inconsistent state, really messing things up.
I deleted a record on the pc and modified it on the hh, then synced.  I repeated this with deleting the record on the hh and modifying it on the pc.  Things appeared to work.
Bertjan Broeksema
Yes this seems okay to me. I did not test it yet but what I can see from the code this should indeed be the right solution. If you have tested it yourself, please feel free to commit.
Jason Kasper
Yeah, looks good, Doug. Please don't forget to mark this as submitted once you commit the code. =:)