Make DBusMenuQt optional

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Marc Mutz
kdelibs, plasma
Make DBusMenuQt optional.
Compiles w/o DBusMenuQt present.
Aurélien Gâteau
Marc Mutz
Aaron Seigo
Marc Mutz
Review request changed

Change Summary:

Added plasma group for reviewing kdebase part of new patch.


Marco Martin
did you try if besides compiling the menus still show up correctly?
as already said, to me the patch is fine even if i don't see a need to -not- have dbusmenu
on mobile if possible is even more needed, since yes, you still have to show list of actions, but of course don't want QMenus and dbusmenu makes this quite easy.
that said yes, i understand there could be scenarioswhere you can't afford a dependency more
Nick Shaforostoff
what's the status of this patch for KDE 4.6?

it makes compiling on windows hard