Ark must recognize a disk full error when extracting files using an external tool (bug 206383)

Review Request #5703 - Created Oct. 28, 2010 and updated

George Metaxas
This patch fixes bug 206383 in ark, where ark cannot handle the situation of a disk becoming full, when using an external extracting utility (rar, unrar, unzip, etc). 
Tested the code using a file mounted through loop in a local directory, and proceeding to extract into it archives with the following types:
- A rar file
- A 7z file
- A zip file
Raphael Kubo da Costa
While this is a first step towards fixing that bug report, I do feel that it still needs more work -- for one, this only works for cliinterface-derived plugins (ie. tar archives would still probably have that problem, for example).

The idea of detecting write errors when the programs write then is nice, and to me it sounds like it has more applications than just checking for "disk full" messages.

It would be interesting to check how libarchiveplugin and libsinglefileplugin currently behave under low disk space conditions, and perhaps use kdelibs' KDiskFreeSpaceInfo together with calculating the extracted size when possible to not even start the extraction when the disk will be full.