About Dialogs for APRS and Earthquake plugins

Review Request #6294 - Created Jan. 6, 2011 and submitted

Utku Aydin
Added about dialogs for APRS and Earthquake plugins.

Torsten Rahn
Looks good!
Torsten Rahn

Actually Daniel Marth added a nice Configuration dialog IIRC. So his name should be quoted as well :)
  1. Oh, sorry, I forgot to add him. I will fix that when I'm committing.
Wes Hardaker
Looks good from my point of view!  (though I might be changing my email address in the future, but I'll worry about that ;-)
Torsten Rahn
This one has not been backported to the marble-1.1 branch yet. Please backport!
  1. OK, backported.