Full Edit Support for the Bookmark Manager

Review Request #6411 - Created Jan. 23, 2011 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Dennis Nienhüser
This patch makes the bookmark manager nearly complete: You can delete folders, rename them, create new ones, delete bookmarks and edit bookmarks (including moving to other folders). It also adds support for importing .kml files. The only missing thing -- which I plan to make a junior job -- is drag & drop support. (Internal move to change the order of folders and bookmarks inside folders. Maybe also D&D between views to support dragging bookmarks quickly to other folders.)

Squashed patch of a local git branch:
- Support importing bookmarks from .kml files. When conflicts arise (imported bookmark already exists), the user is asked whether to skip the new or replace the existing bookmark.
- NewFolderInfoDialog is a misleading name. Rename it NewBookmarkFolderDialog.
- Rename NameDialog to NewBookmarkFolderDialog, the former is too generic. Fix broken license header in NewBookmarkFolderDialog.h. Make it possible to use the dialog without changing existing bookmarks directly. Use a ButtonBox in the .ui to get a consistent interface.
- New bookmark folders can be created within the bookmark manager.
- Deletion of individual folders and bookmarks. Use the first folder as default selection.
- Use the existing dialogs to edit bookmark folders and bookmarks in the bookmark manager.
- Rename BookmarkInfoDialog to EditBookmarkDialog which describes its purpose better.