Can't switch back to laptop display when external display gets disconnected

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I already posted this patch here:

This is a patch to the kded_randrmonitor service that solves the below
mentioned problem.
If only one output is connected and the user tries to switch the display it
makes sure the connected output gets activated and deactivates all disconnected
output afterwards.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Connect an external display to your laptop and use your latop's hotkey (e.g.
Fn+F6) to active it and deactivate your laptop's display.
2. Disconnect the external display
3. Try to switch back to internal display with your keyboard

Actual Results:  
Nothing happens
I improved my patch.
Now it also automatically deactivates all disconnected outputs on resume from
suspend and switches to a connected monitor if needed. This should fix e.g. Bug

Martin Bednar
Lukáš Tinkl
Review request changed

Change Summary:

One more thing that came to my mind: Don't check if the output is already enabled if it's the only one. This will set it to the preferred resolution if it's already active.


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