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Burkhard Lück
docs, l10n

www/areas/l10n(trunk)$ svn st docs/visualdict
D docs/visualdict
D docs/visualdict/dict.html
D docs/visualdict/pict1.png
D docs/visualdict/pict10.png
D docs/visualdict/pict11.png
D docs/visualdict/pict12.png
D docs/visualdict/pict13.png
D docs/visualdict/pict14.png
D docs/visualdict/pict15.png
D docs/visualdict/pict16.png
D docs/visualdict/pict17.png
D docs/visualdict/pict18.png
D docs/visualdict/pict19.png
D docs/visualdict/pict2.png
D docs/visualdict/pict20.png
D docs/visualdict/pict21.png
D docs/visualdict/pict22.png
D docs/visualdict/pict3.png
D docs/visualdict/pict4.png
D docs/visualdict/pict5.png
D docs/visualdict/pict6.png
D docs/visualdict/pict7.png
D docs/visualdict/pict8.png
D docs/visualdict/pict9.png

this visualdict is not referenced in any file on and completely outdated

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Burkhard Lück
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