Add trunk l10n-kf5/[lang]/data/global/autocorrect files

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Burkhard Lück
kdepim, l10n
copy from trunk l10n-kde4 folders
in kde4 we had dupicated autocorrect files in data/kdelibs and data/koffice|calligra

* all autocorrect xml files are installed to DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/autocorrect
  and should be used by e.g. kdepim, calligra etc, no duplicate autocorrect files as in kde4
languages ca, cs, de, es, fr, hu, nb, nds, nn, pt_BR and uk have the filename scheme l10n-subdir-name.xml
whereas languages it and ru use the naming scheme it_IT.xml resp. ru_RU.xml
the easiest solution to get a consistent naming scheme seems to be renaming it_IT.xml->it.xml resp. ru_RU.xml->ru.xml

Burkhard Lück
Luigi Toscano
Luigi Toscano
Burkhard Lück
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