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Potential fix for the nested event loop problems caused the the Akonadi client bridge
February 3rd, 2009, 6:12 a.m.
buildsystem improvements for handling forwarding includes
February 3rd, 2009, 9:23 a.m.
Proposed patch to fix the modfied/deleted record conflict resolution in kpilot
February 3rd, 2009, 10:53 a.m.
Change kjots buildsystem to allow building it without kdepim
February 3rd, 2009, 4:46 p.m.
Store payload data in files
February 4th, 2009, 4:12 a.m.
add method addIconAction(QAction*, ActionCorner) to Plasma::IconWidget plus a bonus :)
February 4th, 2009, 5:39 a.m.
Minor changes to the copyright headers
February 4th, 2009, 7:02 a.m.
(test review) This is not a member variable, right?
February 4th, 2009, 12:07 p.m.
Improvement of QtConcurrent patch for client bridges
February 4th, 2009, 4:38 p.m.
Proposed patch to fix problem in kpilot where monthly-by-week recurrent events were not correct on the palm
February 5th, 2009, 6:09 a.m.
[Pager] Add different actions when user click on the current desktop
February 5th, 2009, 10:09 a.m.
Make Saving really blocking as well
February 5th, 2009, 11:04 a.m.
contact list enhancement
February 6th, 2009, 10:07 p.m.
Really blocking IO for KCal resource bridge using QtConcurrent::run()
February 7th, 2009, 7:19 a.m.
Remove duplicated code in KOAgendaView::changeIncidenceDisplayAdded()
February 7th, 2009, 9:58 a.m.
Improve behavior of Kolab's KCal resource
February 7th, 2009, 10:10 a.m.
Time based queue policy for slow speed runners
February 8th, 2009, 4:05 a.m.
Mark a single post as read.
February 8th, 2009, 4:29 a.m.
korganizer: fixing sub resource related user visible error message
February 8th, 2009, 9:03 a.m.
Use EntityDisplayAttribute::displayName() instead of Collection::name() when available
February 8th, 2009, 9:13 a.m.
Improve names display of KRes bridge resources
February 8th, 2009, 11:28 a.m.
Make web shortcut icons look better in krunner
February 8th, 2009, 6:25 p.m.
Addition of "Maintenance" tab to the folder properties dialogue
February 9th, 2009, 6:07 a.m.
Refactoring of extender drag & drop
February 9th, 2009, 8:16 a.m.
KPat: Add command line option to skip directly to a particular game
February 10th, 2009, 11:58 a.m.
Type safe assignment of incidence pointers
February 11th, 2009, 11:23 a.m.
Fix problem with yahoo sending white text
February 11th, 2009, 12:20 p.m.
Drag and drop, pasting not always behave as expected
February 11th, 2009, 12:22 p.m.
Send payload file name to the client [server side]
February 11th, 2009, 1:16 p.m.
Send payload file name to the client [client side]
February 11th, 2009, 1:22 p.m.
The memberlist in the Kopete chatwindow doesn't honor the OnlineStatus set per ChatSession::setOnlineStatus
February 12th, 2009, 9:09 a.m.
Backport of incidence assignment fix to 4.2
February 12th, 2009, 10:43 a.m.
Compile KDevPlatform on Mac OS X
February 12th, 2009, 3:15 p.m.
Split consecutive messages more than some reasonable length of time apart
February 12th, 2009, 3:19 p.m.
korganizer: replacing the application specific assignment visitor with the one from kdepimlibs/kcal
February 13th, 2009, 3:55 a.m.
Fix sync bug in kpilot
February 13th, 2009, 7:03 a.m.
Make aim send the background color
February 13th, 2009, 8:45 a.m.
simple animation of tabbar icons everytime kickoff is launched by pressing the KDE start button
February 13th, 2009, 12:39 p.m.
Addressee::mimeType() for consistency
February 13th, 2009, 2:13 p.m.
Emit calendarLoaded() in CalendarResources:load()
February 13th, 2009, 2:42 p.m.
Using Addressee::mimeType() in Akonadi related code
February 13th, 2009, 3:21 p.m.
Akonadi ICal Resource: use same MIME type for notes everywhere
February 13th, 2009, 5:12 p.m.
Fix Kopete bug 182366: Display name not saved/retrieved for WLM
February 13th, 2009, 6:02 p.m.
kmail: also delegete vcard MIME check to KMimeType
February 14th, 2009, 5:58 a.m.
Display correct week number in the calendar widget
February 14th, 2009, 6:19 a.m.
Make tools use all the available width
February 14th, 2009, 8:21 a.m.
Akonadi: helper class for common MIME type checks
February 14th, 2009, 10:07 a.m.
Remove unused libs/headers from some plugins
February 15th, 2009, 3:31 a.m.
Using Akonadi::MimeTypeChecker to check Collection and Item MIME types
February 15th, 2009, 5:01 a.m.
use MimeTypeChecker in CollectionFilterProxyModel
February 15th, 2009, 5:43 a.m.
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